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Faimoasa pentru stilul de viata decadent si petrecerile pana in zori de zi, Mykonos nu exceleaza si la capitolul istorie. Exista cateva povesti celebre, iar mitologia greaca ne spune ca Mykonos e locul unde Zeus s-a luptat cu titanii; insa istoria nu este la fel de bogata ca in Rodos, destinatia noastra de anul trecut.

Chiar si asa, la 30 de minute cu barca gasim insula Delos, o fosta civilizatie cosmopolita, care a prosperat timp de aproape un mileniu, inainte sa reintre in anonimitate. Recunoscuta ca fiind locul de nastere al zeilor Apollo si Artemis, acesta insula devenita loc de pelerinaj a fost de asemenea si un cunoscut port inclus in cele mai importante rute din antichitate. Comertul era principala activitate, multi oameni bogati, din toate colturile lumii au ales sa locuiasca aici, existand dovezi ale civilizatiilor grecesti, romane, siriene si egiptene, toate convietuind impreuna pe aceasta insula mica, dar foarte populara.

Pavata cu gnais, Delos e unul dintre cele mai stralucitoare locuri de pe pamant. Multi au mers mai departe si au spus ca, localizata chiar in centrul cicladelor, acest loc este unul in care energia cosmica are puteri nebanuite.

Famous for the decadent lifestyle and night long parties, Mykonos does not offer much in terms of history. There are charming stories and the Greek mythology places Mykonos as the place where Zeus fought against the Titans, but it’s not nearly as rich in history as Rhodes, our destination from last year.

Even so, 30 minutes away by boat from this lively island lies Delos, an ancient cosmopolitan civilization, that flourished for nearly a millennium before slowly descending into anonymity. Recognized as the birthplace of the two gods Apollo and Artemis, this cult island slowly became a rich port and an interesting location for powerful civilizations. Trading was a popular activity here and many rich people from all the corners of the world settled here in ancient times. There are traces of Greek, Roman, Syrian and Egyptian cultures, all merged into this tiny yet amazing island.

Paved with gneiss, Delos is one of the brightest places on earth. Many have gone further to say that being in the center of the Cyclade Islands this is also a powerful spot, filled with immense cosmic energy.

Arriving on Delos Island



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Un labirint aparent infinit, linistit dimineata dar transformat total in timpul noptii, cam asa e Mykonos. Strazile inguste te duc adanc in inima orasului, sau la marginea sa unde vei descoperi cea mai albasta mare.
Din loc in loc, florile frumos colorate rasar parca de nicaieri si  totul se combina intr-un tablou perfect care iti capteaza intreaga atentie si iti ramane pentru totdeauna in inima.
A seamless infinite labyrinth, quiet in the mornings but restless during the nights, this is how Mykonos feels like.
Narrow white streets can lead you into the pounding heart of the city or at the edge of the bluest sea. Patches of magenta flowers pop up in your way, combining everything in a perfect painting that captures your attention and stays forever in your memory.


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E pacat sa ajungeti in Rodos si sa nu explorati o parte dintre locatiile fenomenale pe care insula le ofera. Am inceput usor azi, cu o vizita pe zidurile orasului. Turul incepe din orasul vechi, de la Castelul Marelui Maestru, chiar din curtea interioara. Daca veti dori sa explorati Rodosul atunci aveti grija sa va incaltati corespunzator, multe dintre strazi sunt pavate cu pietre de mare asa ca adidasii sunt de departe cea mai buna varianta. Plimbarea pe zidurile cetatii dureaza cam o ora; veti avea parte si de cateva peisaje fabuloase. Aveti insa mare grija, zidurile nu sunt imprejmuite de bare de protectie, iar sfatul meu e sa nu va aventurati pe margine pentru un selfie spectaculos. Turul e deschis doar intre orele 12 si 15 (2 euro), si cel mai bine e sa aveti la voi apa si o palarie, vor fi arme importante in lupta cu razele soarelui.  It’s a shame to come to Rhodes and not explore the phenomenal locations offered by the island. We started with something easy today: a walk on the town walls. The tour starts from the old city, right in next to the Grand Master’s Palace. If you want to explore the city, please wear proper shoes, many of the streets are paved with stones from the sea and sports shoes with a thicker sole are the best choice. The walk on the walls takes about one hour and you can see some beautiful sights. Be careful though, the walls are not surrounded by protection bars, and you should not come near the edge for a daring selfie. The tour is open only between 12 and 15 (2 euros) and its best to take with you a hat and water, these are important weapons in the fight with the sun. 


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Cum altfel te poti acomoda mai bine in concediu, daca nu cu o zi … de leneveala totala. Am petrecut intreaga zi pe plaja, unde ne-am bucurat de soare si de marea pefecta. Daca aveti picoare sensibile, va recomand ca inainte sa treceti pe la orice butic (veti avea de unde alege) ca sa va cumparati incaltari speciale. Costa doar 7-8 euro si va vor scapa de durerea pricinuita de pietrele de pe plaja. Dupa prima zi in care nu m-am acomodat deloc cu masajul la talpi oferit de pietricele, am considerat ca papuceii au fost o investitie tocmai buna. There’s no better way to get into the holiday atmosphere than a … lazy day. We spent the entire day on the beach, enjoying the sun and the perfect sea. If you have sensitive legs, then I recommend you to visit the nearest store (pick any, there are so many options) to buy some special shoes. They only cost 7-8 euros but will rid you of the pain caused by the rocky beach. During my first swim here I didn’t enjoy the foot massage I got from the pebbles, so I can say my water shoes were a good investment .


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Sa inceapa aventura! Simteam cu o saptamana in urma ca timpul parca sta in loc si nu imi mai vine si mie randul sa plec in vacanta. Anul acesta am ales Rodos, in Grecia, unde prezentul se imbina perfect cu trecutul. A fost o alegere indelung gandita, pentru ca desi ne dorim sa petrecem ceva timp la plaja, vrem sa exploram si locuri noi. Let the adventure begin! Lately, I was feeling like time stands still and my vacation will never come. This year I chose Rhodes, in Greece, where the present meets the past in a perfect harmony. It was an inspired choice because even if we like to spend a few hours at the beach, we also love to explore new places.

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